Golfing in Spain



Golfing is a very old sport, the exact origins remain unclear. Some claim that golf was invented by the Romans in the first century AD. They played "Paganica", it was played with a curved stick and a leather ball stuffed with feathers. Others point the origin of golf to the Lower Countries. The Dutch word "kolven", the French and Belgian "Chole" and "Jeu de Mail' and the English 'Cambuca'. The first traceable information about golf certainly does trace back to the Netherlands, to 'Loenen aan de Vecht'. Steven van Hengel writes in his book 'Early Golf' that it was played in 1297 at the Castle 'Kronenburg Colf' in 'Leiden'. In 'Naarden' the street 'Korlfbaan' and 'Kolfmakerssteeg' are reminders of those times. Nevertheless, the most accepted theory of the history of golf is that it developed in Scotland around 1100 AD. Scottish shepherds where beating stones into rabbit holes, where the famous St Andrews Golf Club is now located.

Golf evolved into one of the biggest sports industry in the world. In the Netherlands golf is by far the fastest growing sport. Golf had the highest growth rate in the period of 2001/2006 (9.1 percent) of all sports.

Spain is a wonderful country for golf lovers, you are sure to find numerous golf courses on the Costa Blanca.

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