Property rental



You are the proud owner of a property in Spain. Have you thought of renting your property? You could be making money on your asset, while you are not using it yourself. Many people would like to but finding the right company can be a difficult task.
At CasaLasDunas we have years of experience in property management. After we agree on how much it should be rented for, we will do the rest. We will keep you informed of when and how long it has been rented for. We take care of the cleaning and of course we will keep an eye on any maintenance or repair work if required. This is a way to make some extra cash should you wish to do so.
Renting out your property
Some extra cash to pay for your mortgage or holiday, but what about my belongings, what type of people will rent my property? What price should I ask, and how often will it be rented out? These are the questions you probably ask yourself. You can of course rent it to friends and family, but you will still need someone that is close by to check that everything is running smoothly.
Cleaning Service
Our dedicate team always make sure that your property is in perfect condition for the next rental, we also have a laundry service available. Don´t hesitate to contact us to found out more about our terms and conditions.

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